Fix Black Screen Issue on My Roku

How to Fix Black Screen Issue on My Roku?


Why Is My Roku Screen Black?

This black screen issue on Roku can occur if the Roku streaming player needs an update, or mostly this error can arise if there are some issues with your TV. We can list several reasons for this, and they can be an irregular update of your device, improper cable connections that you did while the installation process, not choosing the correct HDMI cable, or else it can be due to the antenna that is connected to the TV. It can be a significant reason, and it can also contradict with the Roku streaming device. In this blog, we offer you solutions on how to fix the black screen issue on Roku by simple and easy guidelines. Make sure to perform them and get better results and continue enjoying your streaming process on Roku streaming players forever.

Fix Black Screen Issue on My Roku

How To Solve The Roku Black Screen Issue On Roku?

The preceding step by step guidelines can help you to solve the black screen issue on Roku and continue streaming:

Check For The System Update For Roku
It is simple and consists of an effortless process updating your Roku if you have any error with the Roku device or if it’s disconnected for a long time
Make sure that you check for the updates regularly
After that, set your Roku device to update automatically while it is in the on position and then check for manual updates
Perform the update process by reaching the System settings of the Roku streaming device

Firstly, long-press the Home button on the Roku remote to get the Roku home screen
After that make use of the arrow buttons on the remote and scroll to the Settings sections
Now, press the OK button to select Settings
Secondly, under that scroll down to system under Settings and choose it
Thirdly, from settings, scroll top the right side and choose System Update by pressing the OK button on the Roku remote
Moreover, highlight the Check Now option using the Roku remote and press the OK button
Similarly, this will start to verify if there is any update available for the Roku device
Wait until the progress completes and shows you certain updates for the system
After the checking progress stops you can find the available updates waiting
Finally, the Roku device will download its latest version and starts with the installation process
And the Roku device will start to reboot, at some cases it is essential
By performing the system update regularly, you can avoid several errors and issues like black screen issue on Roku
And you can start by installing the channels and streaming them happily

Choose the Correct HDMI Input

Selecting the wrong HDMI input is the major error that we do while performing the initial set up process. This can most often make the Roku screen look black and can be an essential reason for the rise of the black screen issue on Roku

Firstly, you will start the initial setup process connecting the HDMI cable to the Roku
And connecting the other end of the HDMI cable to one HDMI that is free on your TV
It is the major location where many of us can make mistakes
Most significantly, you have to make a note of the HDMI port number
Moreover, that is to which HDMI port number you have connected the Roku device
Ensure that you remember the port number or write down it somewhere
Secondly, after connecting the Roku device to the power outlet, you will power up the device
Turn on the TV using your TV remote, and now you should make use of the source button
Further, you must select the correct HDMI input to which the Roku device is connected
Check with the HDMI port number that you made a note
Finally, by performing this properly, you can solve the most common issue like black screen issue on Roku
Be conscious while setting up your Roku device to avoid problems like black screen issue on Roku

The Best Solution Could Be Resetting Your Roku

Resetting process for gadgets can solve most issues that they face during their functioning process. So try to reset your Roku device and solve the black screen issue on Roku

Firstly, power on your Roku device and get the Roku home screen by holding the home menu
After that, reach the Settings menu
Moreover, under the Settings menu, choose Advanced System Settings option
Secondly, from that, select the Factory Reset option
Now, input the code that shall display on the TV screen
This can also prompt to press certain buttons as well
Finally, carry on with the on-screen guidelines and Roku will be back to Factory settings in just a few minutes
Now, you will definitely get a solution for the black screen issue on Roku and get back to the streaming process

Unplugging the Cables From Roku

By disconnecting your cables, you can get your Roku device back to form and start with the streaming process. Using the following guidelines, you can unplug your cables and get your issue solved

First of all, disconnect the Roku device from the power source by unplugging the power adapter from the power
Remove the power adapter from both the Roku device and the electrical outlet
Secondly, make sure to delink the HDMI cables linkage from the Roku device and the HDMI port of the TV
Wait for the device to cool down for sometime
Thirdly, start to reconnect the Roku device to power
Link the HDMI cable back to the Roku and the port of your TV
Finally, connect the power adapter to the Roku device and other end to the electrical outlet
Wait for the Roku device to start up and check whether the Roku logo appears on the screen
Finally, check whether the black screen issue on Roku is solved or persists