Change your Microsoft account password

How to Change MSN Password – MSN Email Issues


Before we dive into how to change MSN Password? Let’s talk What is MSN?
In simple terms, MSN is a related collection of internet services. It is a web portal which provides services like MSN Spaces, MSN Email, MSN Messenger and a search engine which is now called Bing.

You can easily communicate with your friends, family, and business across the globe.
It provides an outstanding feature like you can connect your email account to your Microsoft Outlook through which you can check your emails offline.

Change your Microsoft account password

MSN Email Issues

Let’s discuss some MSN Email issues that often occur.

MSN Email issues are simple; it is a highly paid email service.
It has so many security issues, even past consumers report about it.
Sometimes MSN Email Issues troubles us with sending or receiving emails. This issue can occur because of:
First, make sure you have a perfect internet connection.
Second can be like if you are using a corporate network, maybe your company firewall blocks your access. You can check it through the administrator to find out if there is an option to allow access.
The third can be, your mail is filled up with many junk mails. It can be the reason also.
Unable to read emails after clicking on it?
First, see how many emails are in your inbox.
If you have a large number of emails, it can cause delays as synchronizing with the email server can take time.
Delete unnecessary emails and also check your internet speed.

How to backup emails using MSN Explorer Software?

Okay whenever you want to restore your files or mail, the best option is to go for Microsoft Free Cloud storage. But here are some steps to follow while backing up your files on the computer.

Go Help & Setting menu at the top of the screen, tab settings.
Tap on the email change setting.
Tap on import or export emails.
Tap copy emails
At MSN copy email dialogue box, tap next.
Choose an option Save your MSN email stored on this computer, then tap next.
Note- If you want to backup emails on another computer, then use a thumb drive or any other external device.

How to find missing MSN emails?

Follow the below step if your sent messages are missing, but first, make sure you are signed into MSN explorer

Tap on Mail & More option from the homepage.
Now, tap each of the sent messages folders below Folders on MSN or under the folders on your PC to see if copies of your sent mail.
On the Help & Setting icon, click Email Settings.
Tap on email options.
Make sure these are correct:
Save a copy of every sent email in the Sent Email folder.
Save a copy of every sent email in the Sent Email folder on this computer.

If both are correct and still you can’t see your emails copies of your sent messages. It might be because email moves into another folder. Don’t know how to find it. Go through the following steps:

Tap on every folder that you will see under Folders on MSN and also all folders of your computer to check your missing messages.
If you remember the details of your mail, you can easily find it with the help of Mail & More option.
Tap find a specific message or tap Shift+F3.
However, are you one of them who is looking for a solution for change password msn or How to change MSN Password? If yes, then without wasting your time, let’s dive into it.

How to change MSN Password:

You can change MSN password by following these steps:

First go to https: //
Choose ‘I Forgot my password’ option.
Choose ‘Reset your Password’
Now fill up Windows live ID that needs a password reset.
Fill up displayed characters and tab next.
It’s done, now MSN change password

Reset MSN Password – MSN Password Recovery

Follow the below steps to reset MSN Password (msn password recovery):

First, sign in to your MSN dashboard by using your existing id.
Choose navigation security; you will see this at the top of the homepage.
For security, choose to change my password.
Verify your identity and choose where you want to receive code.
Now enter code, verify yourself.
At the change, my password page, write your existing password and add your new password.
When you think you are done, click save.
Hope you love this guide on how do I change my MSN password – MSN Password Recovery
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