Rocketmail Forgot Password Recovery

Rocketmail Forgot Password – Rocketmail Recovery


Here In this Rocketmail Recovery Guide we will discuss solutions for Rocketmail forgot password, and also discuss the Rocketmail Server Settings also, so first lets explore what is Rocketmail?

Rocketmail Forgot Password Recovery

What is Rocketmail ?

To learn what Rocketmail is, you remember that it is the first primary free web-based email provider. It was the original service of Four11 Corporation. At that time, Rocketmail competed with Hotmail to get the number one spot among free web-based email services.

Note: In 1997, Rocketmail was acquired by Yahoo Inc.

Some Interesting Points to know about Rocketmail:

Since the ’90s, Rocketmail has been a significant email service provider.
You know, in the 90’s downloading a single image was a struggle as we use Dial-Up internet. But Rocketmail managed to get big in the ’90s. It is a real and most popular thing we had in the ’90s.
We already told you that in 1997, Rocketmail was acquired by Yahoo Inc., so, after this, the old Rocketmail account was converted into yahoo’s webmail system. So all Rocketmail users are now Yahoo users.
Whenever you open the Rocketmail website, you will redirect to now lets dive to Rocketmail Recovery and Rocketmail Forgot Password solution.

Reset Rocketmail Forgot Password:

If you don’t remember your Rocketmail password, then don’t worry. Here are steps to follow for Rocketmail Forgot Password:

Step 1: First, you have to visit or the Rocketmail website.
Step 2: Tap ‘I can’t access my account’ ( You will find this link underneath the login area)
Step 3: Now, you will see many options click ‘I Forgot My Password.’
Step 4: Fill your Rocketmail ID or email address in the field of ‘Yahoo! ID’.
Step 5: On your screen, you will see a code that is for security measures. Use the code and tap next.
Step 6: Answer the security questions to change the password with the new password of your choice.
Step 7: Fill your new password and press finish.

Note: Security questions are your personalized questions, so you should know the answers. These questions are set up upon account creation.

Rocketmail Recovery:

If you are having a struggle in Rocketmail Password Recovery, then follow the below steps for Rocketmail Recovery:

Step 1: First, you have to go to the Rocketmail website, and on the website, go to the password help page.
Step 2: Choose the option ‘I have a problem with my password.’ It will display on your screen.
Press next.
Step 3: Fill Rocketmail ID or Rocketmail email address and click next.
Step 4: Now you have to go for the verification process to identify the account holder.
Step 5: For the Rocketmail password recovery process, the user of rocket mail can either use a secondary email address option or a mobile number that you have registered.
Step 6: After all these processes, you will get a password recovery link on your email address, click on it, and it’s done. And those who choose mobile numbers to recover Rocketmail passwords will get a four-digit number code. Use it, and you are done.

Rocketmail Server Settings:

It is complicated when it comes to Rocketmail Server Settings, but you don’t have to worry. Use this SMTP and IMAP Rocketmail Server Settings to access your account from an email program.

IMAP Rocketmail Server Settings:
Rocketmail IMAP Server:
IMAP Port: 993
IMAP Security: SSL/TLS
IMAP Username: Your Rocketmail email address, which you have confirmed.
IMAP Password: Your Rocketmail password, which you have confirmed.

SMTP Rocketmail Server Settings:

Rocketmail SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Security: SSL/TLS
SMTP Username: Your Rocketmail email address, which you have confirmed.
SMTP Password: Your Rocketmail password, which you have confirmed.

In the next section we will discuss about the create a new Rocketmail ID, so lets begin.

Steps to Create Rocketmail Account:

Remember, Rocketmail is a part of Yahoo Inc. so, whenever you visit the Rocketmail website, it will redirect you to the Yahoo website. So, don’t worry. Here are some steps to follow when Create Rocketmail Account and those steps are:

Create a new Rocketmail

Step 1: First visit to
Step 2: Tap on create a new email account.
Step 3: Now you will see a sign-up form, where you fill your details like First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Username, and your active phone number to verify your account.
Step 5: Select a good username ( It is a suffix of, also wisely select your memorable and robust password.
Tap continue.
And it’s done. Now, you have created your Rocketmail account. Login to it and start sending emails.

Note: If you don’t know how to login Rocketmail Email Account, then follow the below steps:

Step 1: First visit to Rocketmail website, which redirects you to (Because Rocketmail is a part of Yahoo Inc.)
Step 2: Now, click on login and enter your details such as your login id or email address or use your mobile number.
Tap next.
Step 3: Enter your password and tap next.
Congratulations, you are done. Now start using your Rocketmail (A new Yahoo mail)