Roku Error Code 018 – The Simple and Easy Troubleshooting Tips


What Is Roku Error Code 018?

Yes! All of us know that there is no use for the Roku device without a stable network connection. But, whenever the Roku device feels that the internet is not offering a good network, then it begins showing Roku error code 018. but, not to worry, it needs you to check the router and follow the methods below to solve the issue.

Let Us Get To Know The Roku Error Code 018

The Roku error code 018 on the Roku screen means that it struggles to receive faster internet access. Moreover, when Roku encounters a slow network connection, it shows error 018 on the Roku screen.

Further, this error displays while watching the favorite channels. No improvement in network speed will lose all access to the live streaming channels, and there no choice left except solving this error.

Roku Error Code 018

What Can Be The Reasons Behind Roku Error Code 018?

At first, there can be several reasons behind the Roku error code 018 like you have linked with the wrong wifi, or have input the incorrect password, problems from the back end, wires loosely connected, etc.
On the other hand, this Error Code 018 shall come up when the network speed of the Roku device becomes unstable or slow.
Further, it is one typical error happening in routers.

How Can One Fix The Roku Error Code 018 On The Roku Streaming Player?

The users can clear off the error code on the Roku device by using the below guidelines:

At first, verify whether the network connectivity is appropriately working on the home wireless router.
After that, the users can face this problem if the ISP is not giving a stable network.
Further, try launching Google Chrome, YouTube, etc., to check if the network is working correctly.
Secondly, if able to access any website on the system, then the router is working correctly.
Similarly, verify the name of the network to which the Roku device is linked.
Make sure that you can get the signals correctly.
On the other hand, check the signal strength of the wireless router network.
Search the Home button on the Roku remote and hold
Moreover, navigate to Settings and choose
Next, opt for the About option from the List.
The users can then see the signal strength on the device they use; the Roku Error Code 018 Will be solved.
And check whether this Roku error code 018 is available on the screen or not.
Let Us Get To Know About Roku Error Code 011 And 014
The Roku error code 014 matches Roku Error code 011; these tell the travail while Roku is joining a WiFi network to receive updates. Further, the users can also see this notification stating, “Roku can’t connect to a local network error.”

Or else, these errors can indicate the Roku streaming device fails in updating its software. And the cause for this failure because of no connectivity with the Roku Software Update Server.

How To Fix This Issue?

The following guidelines can help you to solve the Roku error code 011 and o14:

First of all, the first thing one must do is to “Disable Network Pings.”
For that, make use of the Roku remote to disable the pinging option.
After that, verify for any issues at the Roku server end.
At times, it can be down for some repair or maintenance, and at that time, the users must sit and keep calm.
On the other hand, verify the WiFi network; if it is accessing a fast network.
Secondly, try linking Roku to the router via Ethernet cable instead of WiFi option.
Finally, use the “Secret Screen” option from the Roku remote to update the software.