Roku Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Roku Error code 014

Roku Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Roku Error code 014.50


Roku TV provides you access to stream audio and video content from the network. Ensure the local network is strongly linked to the Roku device for uninterrupted streaming.

What Can Be The Major Cause Of This Issue?

If the Roku device cannot link to the local network, the Roku error code 014.50 will appear on the screen. And when the correct wireless network has been selected and the key code correctly entered, the device might fail to link to the local network.

How Can The Users Fix This Roku Error Code 014.50?

The below guidelines can help to fix the Roku error code 014.50:

At first, to fix the Roku error code 014.50, make sure to restart the Roku device.
On the Roku player, access Settings, choose System, and then select the System Restart option.
Then, the users must restart it as the below steps.
Moreover, choose Settings, opt for System.
And then, choose Power and then select the System Restart option.
Another method is to disconnect the device cable from the electrical outlet and connect it back in.
On the other hand, ensure to read the router manufacturer’s guide to know instructions for restarting a wireless router.
Pull out the power cable from the back of the router and then relink it.
Or the users must locate the Reset button on the device and hold
Make sure to provide both the devices some time to restart.
Similarly, sign into the router account and modify the channels until one can view Roku linking to the Wi-Fi.
At last, when the procedure is complete, the devices will automatically pair if they were already linked.

Roku Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Roku Error code 014

How To Connect Roku To The Network?

Make use of the coming up guidelines to connect the Roku device to the internet:

During the installation of Roku boxes and TVs, the users must select either Wired or Wireless for connection to a router and the internet.
If choosing Wired, remember to connect the Roku box or TV to the wireless router using an Ethernet cable.
The Roku device will directly link to the home network and the internet.
Once after the confirmation, the users can proceed with the remaining setup steps for your Roku device.

If selecting Wireless, there are extra steps to finish the connection procedure before proceeding to the rest of the Roku device setup steps.

First of all, the Roku device will automatically search for any accessible networks within range.
Moreover, once the list of available networks appears, search and select your wireless network from the list of those available.
In case if one cannot see their home network, choose Scan again to view all networks and check if it comes up on the next listing.
Select the network and check to see if the Wi-Fi and network connection are working properly.
If so, then you can carry on.
If not, check whether if selected the correct network.
Once after confirmation, it can link to the network, and the users must enter the network password.
Further, once after providing the password, choose
On the other hand, if the password was entered correctly, then the users can view a confirmation notifying that the Roku device has a connection to the home network and the internet.
After the wireless connection, the Roku device will automatically look for any available firmware/software updates.
If found, make sure to download and install them.
The Roku device may reboot or restart once after completing the software or firmware update process.
Finally, keep calm for this process to complete before proceeding on to additional setup steps or viewing.