Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Issue

Troubleshoot Steps for Resolving Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi


Importance of the Network Connection on Roku

It is mandatory to connect the Roku to the network connection. The main aim of buying the Roku is to stream the audio and video content. So to stream the content, the network connection is mandatory one to the Roku. By having a strong network connection, you may not get into the troubleshooting issue. It is common to face the troubleshooting issue while you are activating a device. Here in this blog, you may get the detailed information about the troubleshooting issue on Roku won’t connect to wifi.

Steps to Connect the Roku Device to the Network

After you complete all the settings on the Roku, you need to proceed the steps to establish the network connection to the Roku
Make sure that your router has a strong network connection
Ensure that there is no issue on the router
Navigate to the settings and check that you could find the network-related option
On that select to the wireless option and enter the passkey by tapping on your router’s name
If you find that there is some issue in connecting the network to the Roku device, then follow the below-given steps and resolve the issue.

Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Issue

What Causes the Issue Roku Won’t Connect to WiFi?

If you could not be able to connect to the internet, then you must need to check where the issue has arisen. To resolve the issue, you need to check where the issue is started and proceed with the steps to resolve the issue. The issue may because of the low signal from the router, incorrect SSID and the WEP passkey, etc. This Roku connectivity issue may be because of many issues. But if the Roku device is not able to connect to the network, then that may lead the troubleshooting in launching the channel and the streaming the content from the channel.

Steps to Check the Internet Connection

If you wish to make the check of your internet connection, you need to process the steps given here on the settings on the Roku device

Navigate to the settings and choose the network option
From the network, option choose the check connection option
On this, you can check that there is an issue on the signal strength on the router
Also, you can check the quality of the signal that is produced by the router
If there is an issue on the signal strength, you will be provided by the online instruction on the Roku to resolve the issue.

Steps to Resolve the Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Check the Name of the SSID
Choosing the wrong name of the router for connecting the network to the device may also cause the connectivity issue. Make sure about your router’s SSID name to resolve the connectivity issue

Provide the Accurate WEP Passkey
After entering the SSID name, you need to enter the correct passkey to establish and configure the network to the Roku. If you provide the wrong passkey, you need to make sure about the correct WEP key for establishing the network to the Roku device. To ensure the passkey before you enter it on the Roku to process the network connection

Ensure that your Router is Working Properly
Connect some other device like the mobile or the computer and establish the home network on the new device. By this, you can check the signal of the router. If this step fails, then there must be some issue on the router. To resolve the issue on the router, you can restart the router and get rid of the issue

Improve the Network Signal Strength
If you have check all those steps and if still the network connection is failed on the Roku device, you need to improve the signal strength of the Roku. Check that you have placed your router far away from the Roku device

Restart the Roku Device and the Router
To restart the Roku device, navigate to the settings, and select the system option and click on the system restart option. By this, you can able to restart the Roku streaming player. If you need to make the restart for the Roku tv, navigate to the settings, and select the system option. Choose the power option and tap on the system restart. Then power off the Roku tv and reconnect the device after a while.