Singer gave a powerful performance, but could have been more successful with fewer medleys.

In part, a true arena spectacle, enchanting the eyes and ears of everyone around.

At the same time, an atmosphere similar to that of a club DJ set that limits the complete listening of songs.

This was Gloria Groove 's show at The Town, on The One stage, this Sunday (10).

At many moments, it seemed as if the City of Music, at Autódromo Interlagos, had transformed into a theater.

As the protagonist, the singer gave beautiful dramatic performances, which, not surprisingly, thrilled the audience from start to finish.

On the other hand, the singer did so many medleys of her songs that the show also somewhat resembled the sound aesthetics of nightclubs on Rua Augusta, in the capital of São Paulo.

On several tracks, the audience had to be satisfied with just the chorus. This was the case with "A Queda", "Bumbum de Ouro", "Mil Grau" and "SFM".

The drag artist spliced ​​tracks into medleys and, in some situations, added samples from artists like Ja Rule and Valesca Popozuda.

It was like when a DJ cuts the atmosphere of partygoers, preventing them from fully enjoying the songs.

His arrangements were enriched by the presence of a choir and orchestral instruments.