German popstar, the first trans singer to reach the top of the charts, brought danceable pop with naughty lyrics to the São Paulo festival this Sunday (10).

Kim Petras showed this Sunday (10) that she just wants to dance and make others dance.

The first trans singer to reach the top of the American charts was one of the few attractions who made their debut in Brazil with a show at The Town.

The German pop star is 31 years old, 17 of which have been dedicated to dance pop.

She tried to transform the Autódromo de Interlagos, in São Paulo, into a huge dance floor.

But she couldn't. She gathered an audience made up of a few enthusiastic fans of hers on the grid and many fans of Bruno Mars.

They watched everything sitting, taking selfies or talking non-stop.

The show matches the singer's ambitions. These are songs that lean more towards EDM, super commercial electronic music, with romantic and naughty lyrics.

"Treat Me Like a Slut", "They Wanna Fuck" and "Superpower Bitch" say what they came from in their titles. The verses are sung over a base with beats and choirs.

She has no backing band, no costume changes and only two couples of dancers.