OPINION – “Philosophically, bossa nova is a state of mind”.

Released in 1959 by Ronaldo Bôscoli (1928 – 1994), in an interview given to the now defunct magazine O cruise ,

the sentence would be enough to have ended the discussion that began this week on the issue of Chico

– a song that stands out in the authorial repertoire of the recently released album Luísa Sonza's third album,

Escândalo intimate (2023) – to be or not to be a bossa nova.

Strictly speaking, from a strictly musical point of view, bossa nova is just

the revolutionary different beat honed on the guitar by João Gilberto (1931 – 2019), throughout the 1950s,

and officially presented by the Bahian singer and musician in 1958.

Yes, Chico – the romantic song dedicated by Sonza to her boyfriend Chico Veiga – has bossa.

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