Mineira stated that he performed the most important show of his life at the festival and sang as a fan.

It's no use, Marina Sena from Minas Gerais is one of the biggest names in Brazilian music today.

The singer took to the stage at The Town this Sunday (10) with the utmost respect she has as a fan of Gal Costa to face the repertoire of the Bahian, who died in November 2022 .

She was moved and made the audience on the last day of the festival cry when she sang "Nada Mais", "Dê um Rolê" and "Baby".

Marina added her own musical identity to Gal's repertoire. In "Força Estranha", for example, she played with her voice, something she does with her own songs.

After the show, she stopped to talk to the audience - anyone who has ever been to a Marina show knows that she loves stopping to talk -

and spoke about her personal connections with Gal's songs that she sang as a child.

She even cited a conversation with Gal, where she said that they were both born on exactly the same day, September 26th.

Marina Sena didn't sing Gal Costa, she sang for Gal Costa, as a fan.

"I've been singing Gal Costa since I was born, it's an honor to sing for her," she said during the performance.