Cyber Security Attack

What is Cyber ​​Attack ? Importance of Cyber Security


In this modern era, the whole world is connected through the Internet, in such a situation, you must have heard about many incidents of cyber crime and about cyber security, but do you know that What is cyber security and why is it important in today’s time? If you want to know about cyber security, then definitely read this article till the end because in this we are going to know complete information about cyber security.

What is Cyber ​​Security?

Cyber ​​security, also known as computer security or information technology security, is a method of protecting data, computers, networks and software from cyber attacks. Cyber ​​security is the practice of keeping any type of information and data available in computers and networks secure and confidential. It is the protection of computer systems and networks from theft or damage of software or electronic data as well as disruption or misidentification of the services they provide.

The work of cyber security is to provide security to the devices, softwares and data and network connected to the internet network. In cyber security , your network, devices, softwares and data are protected by secure layers so that your data from wrong activities on the internet is kept safe.

Definition of Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​Security It is a security for Internet-connected systems that works to protect Devices, Hardware’s, Software’s and Data from cyber crime, in simple words cyber security systems, networks and programs to protect and protect from digital attacks is practice.
Cyber ​​security is a practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from digital attacks, cyber security is also called Information Security / Information Technology Security and Electronic Information Security.

Types of Cyber ​​Attacks

All the cyber attacks that happen in the world are done in different ways, along with the changing technology new types of cyber attacks are also coming to the fore.

Malware attack is one of the most common types of cyber attacks. Malicious (malicious) software is called malware. Malware is a dangerous computer software program created by hackers or cyber criminals to harass other users and damage their systems.

SQL Injection
SQL (structured language query) injection this is a type of cyber attack in which the cyber criminal steals the user’s data from the database and controls it. By finding vulnerabilities in the user’s database, cyber criminals reach the user’s database through some malicious SQL queries and codes and steal and control it.

Phishing It is a type of cyber attack in which cyber criminal sends a fake link to the user through fake email or fake SMS, from which the personal details of the user are stolen such as Login ID and Password, Credit Card / Debit Card details.

Cyber Security Attack

Why Cyber ​​Security is Important?

Digital data is increasing day by day and as digital data is increasing, the problems regarding its security are also increasing, so cyber security services are needed to keep the data safe. With the help of cyber security, all the data present on the internet and systems can be kept secure and it can also be protected from theft.

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attack?

As we know that nowadays the use of internet and technology has increased a lot, so the cases of cyber attacks are also increasing day by day. Hackers mostly make those people their victims who do not have much technical knowledge and information about cyber security. To avoid Cyber ​​Attacks, you can follow the cyber ​​security tips given below:

Update Software and Operating System
Whatever software’s you use in your system, always update all those software’s to the latest version and also update the OS (Operating System) of your system. Keep updating all the software’s and operating systems, can avoid to attack on your data or personal info.

Use Anti Virus
Always use anti virus software in your system. Anti virus software prevents viruses from entering your system. Antivirus also removes the virus present in your system and also increases the security of your system to a great extent.

Use Strong Passwords
Keep the password in such a way that no one can easily guess, always keep your password secret and do not tell anyone. To create a strong password, make a combination of Special Characters, Symbols, Letters, Numbers in it and keep changing your password, if there is any suspicious activity.

Never Click on Unknown Emails
Internet users often receive fake mails, in which it is written that you have won a lottery or any type of fake emails. Never respond or open an email attachment from an unknown email as it may contain a virus and may also be a conspiracy by cyber criminals to steal your data.

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